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Product info DVD - EGO FAUST
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Product name DVD - EGO FAUST
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Ego Faust is a performance created especially for the XII Session of ISTA by the Theatrum Mundi Ensemble with forty actors, dancers, musicians and singers from different cultures.
Theatre director: Eugenio Barba, Film director: Luigi Rossini
Faust: Torgeir Wethal,
Mephisto: Augusto Omolú and Roberta Carreri
Margherita: Kanichi Hanayagi,
Marta: Sae Nanaogi
Old age: Cristina Wistari,
Youth: I Nyoman Budi Artha
A peasant: Ni Wayan Sekarini
Three girls dancing: Sae Nanaogi, Ni Made Sarniani, Julia Varley
Two children playing: Ni Ketut Maringsih, Ni Made Sarniani
Mad Margherita: I Made Djimat, Augusto Omolú, Julia Varley
Margherita's ghost: Sae Nanaogi
Rangda (Balinese witch): I Made Djimat
Mr Peanut (Death): Julia Varley
Barong (Balinese lion): I Nyoman Budi Artha, I Wayan Naka Shishi (Japanese lion):
Akira Mari Oshima
Garuda (Vishnu's vulture): Ni Ketut Maringsih
Kleists bear: Kai Bredholt
Balinese clowns: I Made Djimat, I Wayan Bawa
Japanese clown: Sasakimi Hanayagi
Odin clown: Roberta Carreri
Musicians and singers:
India: Raghunath Panigrahi, Hemant Kumar Das, Chinmaya Kumar Dash, Annada Prasanna Pattanaik.
Japan: Kunitoshi Kineya, Tesukuro Matsunaga.
Bali: I Made Djimat, I Nyoman Budi Artha,
I Wayan Bawa, I Wayan Naka, I Nyoman Kopelin, Ni Made Sarniani, Ni Wayan Sekarini.
Brazil: Ory Sacramento, Jorge Paim,
Cleiber Conceiçao da Paixao.
Odin Teatret: Kai Bredholt, Emil Ferslev, Jan Ferslev, Nikolaj de Fine Licht, Frans Winther.
Scenography: Jan de Neergaard
Sound: Cy Nicklin
Lights: Fernando Jacon
Assistent director: Julia Varley
Video direction and montage:
Luigi Rossini, Cometafilm
Director of photography: Giancarlo Bottone

Videoproduction by Cometa Film, Bologna, for Odin Teatret Film. 69 min. Colour. 2001.


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