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Product info DVD - JUDITH
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Product name DVD - JUDITH
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Judith, sister and contemporary of Antigone, slips through the ramparts behind which the men feel safe, and disappears into the night. She crosses history and meets us. In her hands she holds the truncated head of a man. Her face looks out at us from paintings by Botticelli and Regnault, Raffaello and Rubens, Cranach and Klimt: sensual and innocent, ecstatic and thoughtful, willful and surprised. Around her echo melodies from the oratories of Scarlatti and Vivaldi, from the operas that from Cimarosa to Honnegger, from Russia to Spain, praise her act. But what secret lies behind her act which has gripped the imagination of artists from generation to generation, from century to century? The day her city surrenders to the Assyrian army, Judith scorns her countrymen for their cowardice and leaves for Holofernes´camp. She throws herself into Holofernes´arms, and fulfilling the prophecy, she kills him. But it was not patriotism that drove her. It was love for Holofernes. She kills so that time will not be able to weaken their perfect mutual passion. An archangel sent by God reveals the truth: it was divine wrath that killed Holofernes. The young woman and her love were merely the instruments of God. Judith must live out the role that God has created for her.

Film director: Torgeir Wethal
Theatre director: Eugenio Barba
Photographer: Torgeir Wethal
Assistant: Rina Skeel
Editors: Torgeir Wethal, Niels Pagh Andersen
Sound mix an editing: Jan Ferslev
Actors: Roberta Carreri

Production: Odin Teatret Film, 1989 - 2012 - Colour - 60 min.


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