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Product info Music - UR-HAMLET
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Product name Music - UR-HAMLET
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UR-HAMLET, a performance directed by Eugenio Barba. Music by Frans Winther.
The Story. Fengo murdered his brother Harvendel, king of Jutland, and took his wife Gerud. In order to protect himself Harvendels son Amleth feigned madness. He sat at his mother's hearth covering himself in slime, but secretly fashioning wooden crooks. In order to ensure that he was truly mad, some men decided to bring him together with a beautiful woman, to see if he was sexually roused, in which case his deceit would be made apparent. Warned in time of the trick, he lay with the woman (who was also his fostersister) in a secluded place but swore her to secrecy.
Then he was set another trap: Fengo pretended to go away, and Amleth was enclosed alone with his mother in her bedroom, while a spy, Corambus, hid under the rushes to overhear what they were saying. Amleth killed the man, and gave his body to the pigs. Fengo decided to send Amleth to the King of Britain, asking him to kill him in a letter carved in wood. Amleth found the letter and changed the runes. Going back to his mother's castle, he killed the nobles in his stepfather's court by burying them under the hangings, which he secured with his hooks, and burning down the castle. He then slew Fengo with a sword.

The Music. A cultural dialogue is developed by the use of different types of music. On the hand, a musical score is underlying the action on stage inspired by medieval tonalities, in order to link it to the priod when the orginal text was written. The words of the sung parts are citations from the text by Saxo Grammaticus, taken from the Gestae Danorum. All over Balinese instruments and voices are introduced and mixed with Indian, Brazilian and European music. A Japanese drinking harmonized by the Indian flute player is used as a basis for an instrumental and melodic piece accompanying the prosecution of Amleds lover.


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